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ΙΙΙΙΛΜ(4AM) is much more than a brand, more than setting an alarm clock and more than what most people are willing to do. ΙΙΙΙΛΜ is doing more, being more and expecting more of yourself than the world expects of you. It's a mindset, it's the willingness to do what those before you have not so that those after you can do the same. It's more than just setting a goal and checking it off your list. It's setting a goal that seems so out of reach the world thinks you're insane, and getting to work. It's reaching down deep within yourself when you think you've given all you've got and telling yourself IM NOT DONE YET!  It's the understanding that the only thing that can come between you and your goal is doubt. It's the feeling of victory and the sense of accomplishment, knowing that you do what others wont.